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About us

Welcome to the new Finders Keepers Online Marketplace. It’s an exciting expansion and evolution to the successful Finders Keepers Markets that have been running (and growing) for more than a decade!

As the world is constantly changing and the future is progressively moving online, we considered how we needed to evolve in order to stay relevant too!

At Finders Keepers, it’s distilled in our passion and purpose to bring innovative design as well as ethical and handmade products to the homes and lives of people in Australia and around the world. Now, you can shop the Finders Keepers Online Marketplace all year round; before, during and between markets that take place in Australia. Importantly, it’s a purpose built site that supports a drop shipping model. This enables all sellers to make, pack, ship and maintain relationships with their own customers.

The Finders Keepers will still fulfill the ever growing need and desire for connection and coming together through our regular market weekends. This Online marketplace is very much an addition that will run alongside our events. Think of it as the markets BFF.

It’s now, after a decade of growth, the Finders Keepers are poised perfectly to deliver on a new multi-faceted experience for sellers and seekers! We’re so excited about it, and hope you are too!

We’re extremely proud to amplify the promotion of independent Australian makers and small creative businesses. This Online Marketplace is a perfect example of how we can continue to support local makers and small business in Australia.


Meet the Finders Keepers

The Finders Keepers curate, host and facilitate the stores within on the Online Marketplace.

The team at the Finders Keepers are still here behind the scenes to help you just like we would be on the ground at our events. We’re still the manpower behind making this happen and our store owners and operators are responsible for their stores and communicating with you.

We’re bringing you this unique space to shop directly from a huge amount of sellers and products. Maybe you missed out at the market and now you’re at home really want that lamp!? Or maybe geographically you're not able to visit us in a host city? Whatever the case, we’ve got you covered. Just like our events, this Online Marketplace should scream style, design, and a bit of the Finders Keepers fun. Shop now!

Meet the Sellers

All our sellers have been invited to become part of the Finders Keepers Online Marketplace.

Our Online Marketplace uses a drop shipping model. This means that it is the sellers responsibility to pack, ship and maintain relationships directly with you.

Each store is hosted independently by the seller themselves. They are responsible for the product listings, pricing, shipping and their own terms.

All sellers have previously been stallholders at a Finders Keepers Market, so we know they’re good at what they do, and hope you think so too.

Start shopping!